Prajna Yoga


Prajna is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "Best Knowledge”; Highest Wisdom; also called as Enlightenment. The awakening of prajna applies to all aspects of life. Prajna especially refers to the wisdom based on the direct realization of the Four Noble Truths, impermanence, interdependent origination, non- self and emptiness. Prajna is another name of Goddess Saraswati (Hindu Goddess of Knowledge).

Yoga defined as "union between the mind, body and spirit ". It is an Essential tool for survival, as well as for expending the joy and creativity of our lives. It has its powerful techniques for creating a sense of inner peace, harmony, and clarity of mind. Yoga is the perfect way to ensure overall health and physical fitness.

Prajna yoga is a true reflection of yoga: Healing, unifying, conscious, loving, vibrant, and transformative. We bring this sprit to every level of our business and community, and manifest our vision by offering...

Prajna Yoga offers a warm and inviting space to everyone who comes through Prajna’s doors. We want to share our inspiring home and encourage you to be and feel your absolute best.

Prajna Yoga is located at the heart of Lai Chi Kok. Which provides you a clean, convenient and comfortable environment to practice yoga and explore more?
Prajna Yoga is proud to offer different types of yoga class for practitioners of all levels, from beginner to the advanced by Indian yoga teachers. Prajna has a team of an inspirational and dedicated tribe of teachers. Their expertise, experience, and passion shine through in the class room.

Prajna have other facility such as showers, lockers, rental lockers and yoga boutique.