Pooja Sharma

Her relationship with yoga began from childhood, during her school age of 11, as she attended yoga classes for fun.

Since 1998 dedication, continues personal practice with the integration of yoga, her classes inspired from different styles of yoga, which encourages her students to recognize how their practice helps them to live more balanced, healthier and happier lives.

Later to deeper her knowledge she continues her practice. She is incredibly grateful being inspired and guided by so many remarkable yogis and above all dedication, which she strongly believes is the greatest teacher of all. She has completed 1year Hatha Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Swami Vidhyananda, and she continue her education in yoga at Sivananda teacher training and awarded as Yoga Siromani and also completed her P.G Diploma in Yoga at Tamilnadu Physical Education Sports University. While exploring her yoga journey she experienced Reiki healing, this was new but very relaxing and soothing for her, she enjoyed it so much so she decided to benefit her students with Reiki healing, it can help her in her teaching and she completed First and Second Degree Course from Reiki Healing Foundation, India.

She started teaching yoga from the year 2000 in India, her new journey in teaching yoga started when she first came to Hong Kong in year 2003.After teaching in Hong Kong for two years she moved to Malaysia and shared her yoga knowledge there for 2 years, But her love for Hong Kong brought her back here in 2008 since than she never looked back. She has been teaching overseas from past 16 year, during these years she has influence many girls to become a yoga teacher and she feel this is her achievement. She feels accomplished when a new student start loving yoga because of her teaching, nothing can make her happier than a smile on her students face. She is one of the pioneer female yoga teachers who came from India and made her place in Hong Kong.

After working 5year for others She and her husband Yoga Master Kishore Kumar started Prajna Yoga in year 2013.

She founded Prajna Yoga as a way of reaching a greater scope of individuals on deeper level and knowledge of yoga. Working with her students and seeing their improvement makes her proud and happy.

In her word “Teaching Yoga and helping others in achieving their physical and mental goals is the most satisfying job". And indeed, she is eternally grateful to educational experience and above all the people who helped her realizing her dream come true.


Kishore Kumar

He began to explore the path of Yoga in 1992, He has studied various types of yoga discipline for over 20 years and been continuously captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that yoga has brought to his life. And certified as a Yoga Acharya after spending time with his Guru in India. Kishore enjoys creating an atmosphere of warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has empowered him to motivate his classes.

All his classes are an experience of meditation in motion and emphasize the importance of breath awareness, good alignment, calming the monkey mind, and having FUN!! He strongly believes together in class, can explore how to turn obstacles into opportunities, keeping focus on the breath for balance and find the inner strength one may have lost under a pile of laundry.


  Kunal Verma

Master Kunal's teachings are an offering of compassion to my fellow human beings. I believe that sharing yoga is a way to remind ourselves of the sameness we all possess. I offer students an opportunity to let go of negative thoughts and cultivate positive energy through asana and breathing.

His qualifications:
Bachelor of arts
Foundation course in yoga science for wellness
P.G. Diploma in Yogic Science
Master of Art (Yoga)

His Special skills :
Hatha Yoga-Cleansing practices, Asanas, Pranayamas, Bhandhas , Mudras., Yoga Nidra, Power yoga,          Advance Asanas, Balance Yoga, Hot Yoga


Iris Chow

Iris is an energetic girl who loves practicing yoga. She became acquainted with yoga since 2011 and starting from then yoga has transformed her life. Apart from being able to exercise and relax the body, yoga practice enabled Iris to ease her mind and more importantly, achieve purification of the soul. With a wish to promoting the benefits of yoga to others, she was determined to become a yoga teacher. Iris finally stepped on her teaching journey after receiving teacher training from Master Kishore and Master Pooja. She completed her 200 hours Yoga Alliance for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 and excelled herself with the Diploma in Yoga in 2017. Her dedication and enthusiasm for yoga will definitely bring you new experience in the practice.



Teresa Wong

After the 200-hour Yoga Alliance for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 and the Post-graduate Diploma in Yoga in 2016, Teresa put her knowledge into practice in the yoga classes. More than she expected, she taught the students and learned from them at the same. The ways of students working in classes are a great practical book to teach better.  

As a result, to excel herself in various aspects,  Teresa completed the Yin Yoga Teacher and the Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.
She is no doubt to well-equip herself for her yoga teaching pathway with all her passion and enthusiasm. And she also dedicates her wellness and achievement to Master Pooja and Master Kishore. Namaste!



Kanis Wong

Kanis used to suffer from stress, neck and lower back pain due to long working hours at the office. She felt her muscles relaxed and her mind calm after finishing her first yoga class in Prajna yoga. She is particularly indebted to Master Pooja and Master Kishore for their guidance and precise teaching skills. These are not only helpful for her teaching but also for her own practice. Master Pooja and Master Kishore has inspired her to be more mindful and observant both on and off the yoga mat.

Kanis completed her 200 hours Yoga Alliance for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, 40-hour Aerial Yoga TTC in 2017 and 100-hour Yin Yoga in 2018. She believes practice with the open heart and we will begin to see, to feel, to absorb the beauty of the world.


Crystal joined her first ever yoga class which completely changed her perception of yoga. She felt energetic and powerful after the class and would like to spread the message to people that yoga is more than just stretching and being flexible. Yoga is actually suitable for everyone regardless of our age, gender and body structure and Crystal would like to explore with her students to find out what they can achieve from yoga on the physical level and ultimately bringing happiness to her students through her teaching. Crystal completed her first 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training course in 2016, 200-hour universal yoga teacher training with Andrey Lappa in 2018 and 65-hour yin yoga teacher training with Jo Phee in 2019.



Dina Gaini

Dina has been practicing Yoga since 2012. After attending regular Yoga classes and learning

more about the benefits and meaning of Yoga she came to love the physical challenge of the

many poses and techniques. She felt a great sense of accomplishment and physical and

mental well-being.

Dina began to study many books about Yoga on her own time in order to gain more

knowledge and to learn how to do the various poses safely, correctly and in the easiest way.

Finally, Dina decided to take a 200 hour Yoga Alliance for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

at Prajna Yoga with Master Pooja and Master Kishore and later also a 100 hour

Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

As a Yoga teacher Dina loves to create a positive group atmosphere in the class with emphasis

on letting students move more freely and learn with passion and enthusiasm.

In her own words: “My focus is all about helping my students get the most out of their yoga

experience. I wish to help my students find the healing power of yoga: to become happy,

energized, to find peace of mind - as well as to become strong and flexible.

I try to help each of my students individually to overcome difficulties, so they see steady progress

in their yoga training and to share my knowledge and experiences learned from my own journey.”