Pooja Sharma

Her relationship with yoga began from childhood, as she attended yoga classes for fun.Since 1998 dedication, continues personal practice with the integration of yoga, her classes inspired from different styles of yoga, which encourages her students to recognize how their practice helps them to live more balanced, healthier and happier lives.Later to deeper her knowledge she continues her practice. She is incredibly grateful being inspired and guided by so many remarkable yogis and above all dedication, which she strongly believes is the greatest teacher of all. While exploring her yoga journey she experienced Reiki healing, this was new but very relaxing and soothing for her, she enjoyed it so much so she decided to benefit her students with Reiki healing, it can help her in her teaching. Readmore

Kishore Kumar

Master Kishore was suffering from back pain from the injury of his cricket practice. He tried different methods to get rid of it. Until one day, he was introduced yoga practice. After he practiced regularly for 3 months, he got relief from his pain. Since then, Master Kishore began to explore the path of yoga.He practiced various style of yoga as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinayasa, Iyengar and Sivananda with his Guru Vishnudas and Yoga DronYasudas for more than 10 years. He found Sivananda style very calming so, he went to Sivananda Ashram to gain more in-depth knowledge of it.


Kunal Verma

Kunal’s practice has evolved beyond the mat. Not only by the consistent practice of asanas, but by the ongoing search of the mind body awareness and discovering connections with himself on the mat. Kunal hopes to help students build a strong foundation in their practice, giving them confidence in arm balances and inversions and encouraging them to take flight in their practice, he emphasizes heavily on anatomical safety and functional alignment. he believes that advanced yoga postures can only be achieved through greater mastery in the simplest of poses and the smallest of details that comes with it.



Iris Chow

Iris is an energetic person who loves practicing yoga. She became acquainted with yoga since 2011 and starting from then yoga has transformed her life. Apart from being able to exercise and relax the body, yoga practice enabled Iris to ease her mind and more importantly, achieve purification of the soul. With a wish to promoting the benefits of yoga to others, she was determined to become a yoga teacher. Iris finally stepped on her teaching journey after receiving teacher training from Master Kishore and Master Pooja.





Teresa Wong

To maintain a healthy life and live happily, I started to practise yoga. Yoga has increased my flexibility, improved my fitness levels and kept my muscles grow stronger and become more supple. I took Hatha yoga and Yin Yoga as the roots of exploring yoga and nurturemy physical body and mind subsequently. After the 200-hour of Yoga Alliance of Teacher Training in 2015 and the Post-graduate Diploma in Yoga in 2016, Iimplemented my yoga teaching journey to put my knowledge into practice and learned from students amazingly. This great “practical book” of teaching yoga broadens and deepens my understanding towards yoga.


Kanis Wong

Kanis used to suffer from stress, neck and lower back pain due to long working hours at the office. She felt her muscles relaxed and her mind calm after finishing her first yoga class in Prajna yoga. She is particularly indebted to Master Pooja and Master Kishore for their guidance and precise teaching skills. These are not only helpful for her teaching but also for her own practice. Master Pooja and Master Kishore has inspired her to be more mindful and observant both on and off the yoga mat. Kanis completed her 200 hours Yoga Alliance for Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2016, 40-hour Aerial Yoga TTC in 2017 and 100-hour Yin Yoga in 2018. She believes practice with the open heart and we will begin to see, to feel, to absorb the beauty of the world.


Dina Gaini

Dina has been practicing Yoga since 2012. After attending regular Yoga classesand learning more about the benefits and meaning of yoga she came to love the physical challenge of the many poses and techniques. She felt a great sense of accomplishment as well as physical and mental well-being. She began to study many books about yoga on her own time inorder to gain more knowledge and to learn how to do the various poses safely, correctly and in the easiest way. As a Yoga teacher Dina loves to create a positive group atmosphere in the class with emphasis on letting students move more freely and learnwith passion and enthusiasm.